Graduate Consulting Group


About the Graduate Consulting Group

The Graduate Consulting Group at McCombs is dedicated to three main goals:

  • Educating members about the consulting industry (firms, work, lifestyle)
  • Connecting members with consulting firms throughout the industry
  • Preparing members for successful consulting interviews and careers

The field of consulting is exciting, challenging, and lucrative, but it remains intensely competitive. The Graduate Consulting Group is your resource to navigating the obstacles between you and a successful consulting career. Graduate Consulting Group members work hard to help each other succeed. In the GCG, as in the rest of McCombs, collaboration is not a buzzword, but a way of life. Second year students do all they can to support first year students in their important internship search. First year students help each other prepare for case interviews, and learn about the firms in the industry. The long-term goal of GCG is to make McCombs a major national talent pool for consulting firms throughout the industry and the globe.

GCG Events & Programs

  • Consulting Challenge
  • Firm Coffee Chats
  • Case Interview Mentor Program
  • McCombs Case Book
  • Case Prep Workshops
  • Fall & Spring Happy Hours
  • Dallas & Houston Consulting Trek

Our Mission:

To help McCombs students and community gain a greater understanding of Management Consulting by exposing them to the numerous dimensions of the Consulting Industry.

To be a comprehensive resource that provides continuous support for students, with special attention given to those individuals who aspire to pursue careers in Consulting.

To furnish students with the tools necessary to build successful careers in consulting, and enable them to build long lasting relationships with consulting firms and organizations.